Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project Life - Week 17

Sunday - We took the Girly to her first Davis family function. She got to meet all her cousins, even the one that lives in Seattle.

Monday: This is what we do. The girl sleeps, the pup lays on the floor and I take pictures.

Tuesday: We made an overdue visit to dear old MUC... hadn't been there for a long time! I needed a new t-shirt and my mama wanted to get a graduation gift. Handy was happy that I only bought two things in the bookstore and didn't spend too much.

Wednesday: The Girly got a postcard from the President. Handy went to see what came in the mail and saw something from the White House... of course it wasn't for us but rather the girl. It was a little welcome letter from the Obamas.

Thursday: I started working on getting the Girly's announcements out. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we noticed that these announcements have a typo on them. At least it was found before we gave them to everyone... it would have been even better if it was found before we ordered 50 of them!

Friday: Apparently Handy doesn't think there is a difference between a salad bowl and a mixing bowl. He almost ate the whole thing too. Yikes!

Saturday: The Girly and I were invited to a bridal shower so I finally had an excuse to put the girl in a dress. She looked so precious I had to take her picture. Too bad she will grow out of this dress soon... good thing we have a lot more cute outfits. 

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