Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Life - Week 16

Sunday: Aunt Pam came to see the Girly after church. We still haven't taken the Girly to our church yet. Maybe next week. 

 Monday: Not only did Aunt Pam come and visit she also brought us some chicken parmesan. Oh my goodness was it good. I think we will need to put it on our menu more often.

Tuesday: We are still spending lots of time throwing Davis across the living room so the pup can fetch him. It's a good thing that the girl is used to sleeping through puppy play time.

Wednesday: I took advantage of having a visitor that knows how to use my camera and had Hope take a family picture of us. I didn't even plan that we would match!

Thursday: The lilac in the front garden is getting ready to bloom. It makes the living room smell so good when we open the window. Now if we could just get those really warm temperatures to come back!

Friday: I don't know how this could possibly be comfortable but she ends up like this every time we put her in the car seat. I thought that yellow thing was supposed to support her head ???

Saturday: I finally got the Big John sub I had been craving for the last 5 months. Hooray for being able to eat lunch meat again.

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