Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project Life - Week 19

Sunday - Bevo got a coupon from the pet store for a free toy since it was his birthday. Handy decided to get him a gigantic tennis ball. He likes it but I get nervous when he wants us to throw it in the house. That bad boy could do some serious damage!

Monday: The girl in one of her many elephant outfits. Every time I see something with an elephant on it I think she has to have it! She will probably grow up to hate elephants, the color gray and peanuts... ha!

Tuesday: This is how we roll... lounging on the couch.

Wednesday: I've started reading to the Girly while she eats. Originally I was using some of her baby books but I would end up reading 10 of them in half an hour so we decided she is going to be an advanced reader and started with chapter books. 

Thursday: It's garage sale time! We had oodles of stuff collected in our basement that needed to go. Not only do we now have a cleaner basement but we made a little money too.

Friday: Last fall we planted a bunch of plants from my mama. We had no idea what we were planting (she told us but they all looked the same) so we were pretty surprised when this really pretty iris bloomed this spring. I can't believe I didn't kill it!

Saturday: Grandma and Grandpa finally made it back from Arizona and came to see the Girly. She was more excited to see them than it looks like in this picture!

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