Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Life Week 20

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day!

Monday: This is one of the neatest looking baby gifts we have been given... and we sure have seen a lot of them lately. Onesies wrapped to look like cupcakes. Too cute!

Tuesday: Happy 92nd Birthday Ginny! We went out for a birthday lunch and some shopping after.

Wednesday: I decided to try something new for dinner and I actually made it myself! Bow-tie and Spinach Pasta.

Thursday: Gabby finally got to meet the Girly! Between cheer practice and track she was busy every time her mama came to visit. The Girl was so excited to see her she even smiled for their picture!

Friday: Bath time has been so much quieter since we got a baby tub. The Girl no longer screams her head off the whole time. Thanks Gram!

Saturday: We went out to school for Prom walk-in. It was fun to see all of the girls in their dresses. They all looked so nice and the boys looked good in their tuxedos too.

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