Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Life Week 21

Sunday: I had wanted to get an elliptical machine for more than a year. Handy found this one on Craigslist. I liked it because it's a little smaller than some of the others we saw and it wasn't very expensive. Hopefully it helps me get rid of the baby chub the Girly left me with. 

Monday: The Girly loves her play mat. Handy put it together for her and we got batteries for the sun that goes on the top. She lays there and watches the star change colors while it plays music. The only time she fusses is when the star stops. As soon as we start it again she quiets down.

 Tuesday: My mama came to visit so I had her take some pictures of me with the Girly. I don't have many pictures of just the two of us since I am always taking them!

Wednesday: We ate our first fresh green beans of the season. Handy cooked them on the grill with the chicken and they were super tasty.

Thursday: Miss Carol likes to spoil the girl! She called and asked us if there were any clothes we needed. We said we could use a few sleepers in a bigger size for when it gets cooler in the fall. Apparently few means a whole bag! We wont need to buy any pajamas for awhile.

Friday: The girl was napping while I switched out some of her baby clothes and put all of her sleepers into a tote in her closet. She looked so sweet I had to take her picture.

Saturday: We made our first trip to the lake on Memorial Day weekend. We had to wait until later in the day since it was so hot but we still had fun hanging out at the camper.

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