Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life - Week 15

Sunday -
Happy Easter!

love, the Girly

Monday - More visitors! Mallory was super excited to hold the baby. She even volunteered to babysit. We may have to take her up on that offer in a couple of years.

Tuesday - Because of her jaundice the Girly had to use a light blanket for a few days. We said she looked like a glow worm. It was a pain in the neck to haul the unit around but her levels went down and we were able to take her off of it.

Wednesday - One week old. We plan on taking her picture with this sock monkey every month for a year. I'm pretty sure by the time we are done she will be bigger than the monkey.

Thursday - This has become a common sight in our kitchen... and I thought I had a lot of dishes to do before!

Friday - Bevo is very interested in his sister. He sniffs her whenever he gets a chance but has been very calm and gentle with her.

Saturday - Our first wedding invitation of the summer... This will be wedding number 8 for the Handy man and I in the last 5 years.

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