Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project Life - Week 13

Sunday - I love supper on Sunday night... It's usually the best meal of the week since we are home to cook in the afternoon. This week we had chicken, brussel sprouts (we hope the girl is an adventurous eater), salad and sweet rolls.

Monday - 1 week to go.

Tuesday - Handy and I have been having fun looking at all the apps for our new phones. Our favorites right now are Bubble blast and Fruit ninja... He beats me at all of them.

Wednesday - Spring must be here to stay because the pup is shedding like crazy. I wouldn't recommend wearing black if you come to visit us... unless you want to show off all the dog hair on your clothes.

Thursday - My 3rd year kids made me a card since they knew I wasn't going to be at school much longer. They all want to see the girl when she gets here.

Friday - Happy Friday! love, Bevo...

(If he wasn't so cute I would be more irritated about all the fur on the floor.)

Saturday - We are trying our 4th type of pooch food since January. We know the dog is allergic to something the only problem is we don't know what that something is. This food doesn't have any corn in it, which the vet thinks may be the cause. He's only had a couple of bowls but so far he seems to like it. Hopefully it keeps him from being so itchy.

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