Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Life - Week 12

Sunday - Handy told me that he wouldn't put the car seat bases into the car until we got new cell phones. He got what he wanted on Saturday... I got what I wanted on Sunday.

Monday - This is how the pup looks after his strut. He comes home and throws himself on the kitchen or dining room floor where it's cool after drinking a gallon of water. We swear the struts are his idea and we aren't torturing him.

Tuesday - One of my student's parents made me this banana cream pie and left it on my desk. The kids had made one for a Social Studies project and I said it sounded good. I never thought they would make me my own pie!

Wednesday: Spring has sprung!

Thursday: The view from here... I never thought I would have to get my summer pajamas out in March!

Friday - Since it's getting warm no trip to the Cheese is complete without ice cream. Handy tried the lemon one this time. He said it was pretty tasty.

Saturday - We had to organize our bathroom closet in order to hold the 27 bottles of baby wash and baby lotion we have accumulated. There was a lot of stuff in there that needed thrown away and we even have an empty bin now!

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