Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Cuties

I'm so excited! I was asked to do my first paid photo shoot last weekend (ok, so I was for some family members and I really didn't ask them to pay me but they wouldn't let me leave without taking something). But it made me happy to know that they liked my work enough to take some Christmas pictures for them. It was fun taking pictures of such a sweet family!

Sweet baby Lauren got that lovely scratch from the cat the day before our session.

It's so hard to get good pictures of boys! They never want to smile... must be some tough guy thing.

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Melissa said...

yes.. that was before my skunk stripes... I feel better about them now.. and yes I was pretty happy in that picture lol.. =] I wonder why?¿?

Oh and Hollister cologne is definitely not $10 haha.. a small bottle was 24.50 and a big one was 34.50 lol.. but its all good I still got him some =]