Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 20

 Wednesday: iPad time and hanging out with Baby Brother. Gracie tells everyone that her Baby Brother is in my bellybutton.

 Thursday: This girl and her "moat-meal". She hasn't touched oatmeal since she stopped eating the Gerber cereal when she was a year old. Suddenly she likes it again. 

Friday: Handy got Teeny's name up on his wall. Looks pretty good. The stripes made it easy to hang the letters straight.

Saturday: Mother / Daughter Banquet with Gigi. 

Sunday: Congratulations Conotton Valley Class of 2014!

 Monday: Most common question in our house: "You wanna build blocks with me?"

 Tuesday: I have been reading more and more on my Kindle thanks to the library having eBooks. Now I don't even have to go to the library I can just download books from Amazon. (Yikes look at that 4 year old Kindle... time for an upgrade???)

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