Thursday, May 1, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 16

Wednesday: A babysitting emergency = the Girly spending some time with me at work. She looked pretty comfortable in my chair. Now when we drive by in the morning she says "Mommy's school!"

 Thursday: Someone got a big girl bed! She has been doing an awesome job sleeping in it... usually after playing with her toys for half an hour.

Friday: No school = hanging out with Mimi! She helped me get all of the Girly's spring / summer clothes in her new dresser. 


Saturday: Coloring eggs at Nanny and PawPaw's house. Gracie did a few and then Dada took over. She isn't quite gentle enough yet to not throw them in the dye.

Sunday: Happy Easter from our family of 3.5

Monday: Most people would have shrimp with a side of green beans and sweet potatoes. Our girl would rather have green beans with a side of shrimp and sweet potatoes. 

Tuesday: I was worried about these flowers since it snowed the day they bloomed. I'm so glad to see the cold didn't kill them.

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