Saturday, November 9, 2013

PL 2013: Week 43

Tuesday: The girls were matchy-matchy in brown pants and shoes. Handy said if I was going to start dressing us alike he was going to stop letting me buy her clothes. Ha!

Wednesday: The 5th and 6th graders put these in the teacher's mailboxes. I thought it was hilarious!

Thursday: Homemade Philly-steak and french fries. So good! Gracie was excited to eat the fries with "dippy". I think she ate more ketchup than fries. 

Friday: The Girly got a Halloween gift in an "ow" bag. I think she was more excited about the bag than what was inside. Once she found out there were snacks in there she changed her mind.

Saturday: Gracie's 1st manicure thanks to Dada. 

Sunday: Trick-or-treat with the Walker boys! I thought we would go around the block and be back home quick. She made it an hour and 45 minutes! She loved getting chocolate and ate some of it through the wrapper while we were walking around.

Monday: We went to see Gabby play Powder Puff football. The Girly would ring the cow bell and yell "Gabby!" whenever anyone cheered.

(we're still waiting on a picture from Miss Carol)

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