Saturday, October 26, 2013

PL 2013: Week 42

 Tuesday: Handy has the organizing bug. I'm not complaining because this is the cleanest our pantry has been in years.

Wednesday: It was supposed to be warm today so I wore a dress... pretty much froze all day but at least I looked cute while I was doing it!

 Thursday: Miss Pat came to visit so a bunch of people from work went out to the Yard. Gracie did really well waiting at the restaurant and I was even able to talk with some of my old friends. It was great to catch up.

 Friday: Nana's sweater is still a little big for the Girly. She thought she was a big shot in a LLBean sweater.

Saturday: Pumpkin pickin' with Cam. I couldn't believe they both sat on the bench and looked at the camera. Getting two almost 2 year olds to sit still is a miracle!

Sunday: We took Gracie's pumpkin to Nana's so Pappy could carve it. She picked an "ow" design. She wouldn't help clean it out but was super excited once it was carved. We put it on the porch and she says "ow!!!!" every time we come up the stairs.

Monday: We're famous! We went to get 18 month pictures done and saw our family photo in the photographers window.

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