Sunday, August 25, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 33

Tuesday: Happy Birthday to the Lady! The Big 30 was celebrated with the smallest cake ever. It was red velvet from Litty's. Yum-o!

Wednesday: Two birthdays in the same week = lots of cards for our counter.

Thursday: Happy Birthday Handy! 

Friday: I don't think she left any of the dirt outside! Dirty feet = fun times.

Saturday: Birthday cake #2.  Handy and I got to share this ice cream one. These are the best because they save in the freezer. We always have too much regular cake this time of the year. Good thing the Girly's birthday is in April.

Sunday: Cruzin' in the van with Grandma Fawver!

Monday: Bubby jumped up on the couch and scratched the heck out of Handy's leg. He said it hurt "a little", if it would have been my leg I would have been crying!

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