Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 28

Tuesday: Making brownies at Miss Carol's = getting to lick the spoon. So spoiled!

 Wednesday: We had a pretty strong storm come through right around dinner time. We spent some time in the basement and found this when we came back up. Handy fixed our window molding but the neighbors fence is still down.

Thursday: Since Sister likes the bathtub so much I thought we would try a little wading pool. She loved it and I loved getting to spend some time outside.

Friday: We took the Girl on her second trip to visit cousin April. She was happy to run around in the yard after the 4 hour car ride.

Saturday: Mr. and Mrs. French! 

 Sunday: Family photo by cousin April.

Monday: 1st scraped knee. Someone tried to walk a little to fast on the sidewalk. She didn't cry too much but wasn't happy when I tried to clean it off.

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