Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 26

Tuesday: Family photo in Beaufort. We stopped after lunch at the Shrimp Shack to let a storm go by before heading back to the Island. I had never been to downtown before. It was pretty nice!

Wednesday: Handy has talked about the subs we got at Stu's for 5 years. We finally went back and yes, they were as good as he remembered. 

Thursday: When you go to the beach you have to have seafood! Family dinner at Crazy Crab. The boys at more crab than anything else. The Girly loved the hushpuppies!

 Friday: Our last trip to the beach. Gracie was so worn out that she didn't care where she was she was taking a nap! (She did this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Saturday: Time to head home! Handy did a great job of getting everything back into the car. I was afraid if we took one thing out it would all fall on the ground.

Sunday: I'm pretty sure these are the cutest tan lines ever.

Monday: Who do you think picked out this cereal at the store? The Girl is totally obsessed with Elmo ("Mel-mo"). She saw some coloring books one day and asked "whas-sat"? I told her it was Elmo and she never forgot. Now we watch him every day (sometimes more than once).

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