Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PL 2013: Week 15

 Tuesday: The Girly has started to eat an "after-school" snack. I usually give her some cheese and fruit. Today we ended up with cheese crackers and a newton. She didn't eat much applesauce because we don't let her feed it to herself.

 Wednesday: No afternoon nap = falling asleep during dinner.

 Thursday: 12 month well-baby check. This is the first well-check since 6 months where Gracie has actually been "well"! She got a good report from the doctor. Growing well, tubes look good. She also got 4 shots. 

Friday: Looks like its time to start closing the bathroom door. Someone decided the toilet paper was a toy while we put away the groceries,

 Saturday: I found a recipe on Pinterest for homemade edible finger paint. The girl loved it! She made 3 paintings (one for me to hang up at work, one for a gift and one for project life) and she screamed when we took each paper from her. She did really well at not eating the paint. I can't wait to put her on the deck and let her really get artistic,

  Sunday: Family photo by Miss Carol.  

Monday: It's awesome to be greeted by these two faces watching through the window.

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