Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project Life: Week 34

Sunday: Nana and Pappy came down to celebrate our birthdays. The Girly had fun being held all day. She and Nana matched in their yellow outfits.

Monday: Somebody loves their cereal! She loves sitting in her high chair like a big girl to eat and if you don't feed her fast enough she lets you know.

Tuesday: Chicken and Spinach flautas... These will be on the menu again for sure. Thank you Pinterest!

Wednesday: Somebody wants to eat the Man's popcorn. 

Thursday: Apparently one recycling bin wasn't enough so we had to add an extra box. We have so much less trash now that we sort most of the paper and plastic products out.

Friday: I survived my first week back to school! 

Saturday: Handy won the local radio station's birthday giveaway. Free pizza and cake!

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