Saturday, January 29, 2011

365 - Week 4

365 days = 365 pictures

Saturday - We went to the last Y swim meet of the year. Since it wasn't a big meet we were able to sit pretty close to the pool and get some good pictures.

Sunday - Happy Birthday Kayla!

Monday - We had ranch pork chops for dinner. They were fantastic... and I don't even like pork chops.

Tuesday - This kid likes to hang out under the table during dinner. Not to try and catch scraps of food but because he knows he gets his dinner as soon as we are done. He keeps a close watch on our feet to see who gets up first.

Wednesday - This is what happens when you make a double loaf of bread in the bread maker. It was so tall it almost pushed against the lid of the machine.

Thursday - Hot stove + plastic bowl = garbage can.

Friday - Date night @ Park Street. Handy got a coupon for a free medium pizza that expired at the end of the week so we had to use it quick. We are super excited for their March pizza of the month: Mardi Gras!

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