Friday, January 21, 2011

365 - Week 3

365 days = 365 pictures

Saturday - Gentlemen, start your engines! Since NASCAR doesn't start for over a month we decided to watch some other racers give it their best shot.

Sunday - Our washing machine has had a lovely odor almost the entire 2 and a half years we have lived here... We thought maybe this cleaner would help. It smelled fantastic and the washer is currently odor free... The best part is that we got two dollars off using a manufacturer coupon and a e-coupon at Giant Eagle.

Monday - We picked up the wood trim to finally finish the laundry room. Handy is going to measure and cut all the pieces. Then we are going to paint them white before he installs them.

Tuesday - 2 hour delays make for lots of time with the pooch.

Wednesday - I have read 4 books so far this month. I have to average 6 per month to make my goal of 75 this year. Thank goodness the kindle store offers free e-books.

Thursday - Note to self: Check to be sure the sweeper pipe is connected
before you vacuum the living room floor.

Friday - Guess who got a bath today!!!

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