Friday, January 7, 2011

365 - Week 1

365 days = 365 pictures.

Week 1

- New Year's Day @ Aunt Pat's. Grant was happy with Handy as long as he didn't stop walking around for too long.

- Bevo got to visit Motorcycle Mama's house to watch the Browns game. I'm not sure if he was more excited about visiting or playing with Cyan's toys.

Monday - You know you are an adult when you get excited about a new kitchen faucet.

- The pup was on a hunger strike. They stopped selling the type of food he likes at the store. We bought him a different kind and he would rather make a mess with it on the floor than eat it.

Wednesday - I started kitting my second project today. I became a pro at the knit stitch so now I'm learning how to purl.

Thursday - All this snow makes us want to stay in and cuddle on the sofa.

Friday - A 2-hour delay means I get to drive to work after the sun rises! I also get a ton of stuff done in those extra two hours.

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