Monday, December 15, 2008


eats a kiss cookie and leaves the kiss?!?!?!

Richie that's who! I think the kiss is the best part of the cookie :o)

A few not-me's since it's Monday...

I really didn't walk around at work for almost 20 min. holding a piece of paper in front of myself because I forgot to zip my pants and didn't notice until there were kids in the room.

That wasn't me either who spilled their coffee on the new footstool only to find out that fabric protector is AMAZING!! (I also didn't say that I wished everything could be dipped in fabric protector... life would be so much less messy!)

Nor did I ask Richie for some stupid things that I "didn't" do this week and he didn't answer with: You did so much dumb stuff I can't remember it all.



Melissa said...

Ha I like your not me's =]
I wish my mama would make kiss cookies. They are my favorite

April said...

LOL! I think this "not me's" idea is a great one! It should be a weekly installment!