Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look what I found

In the dog's mouth...

That would be chewing gum.

Why was the dog chewing a piece of gum? Perhaps he wanted minty fresh breath? Or maybe that was just the best smelling piece of trash in the garbage can? I'm not quite sure what the appeal was however when I got out of the shower I wondered why our bedroom smelled minty. It wasn't until my slipper stuck to the carpet that I realized the dog had dug something sticky out of the trash and left it on the floor for me! Thank goodness it came off nice and easy or our carpet would be sporting a red kool-aid stain and a chunk of gum.

Someone tried to apologize but I don't really think he was sorry.

And... Look what we woke up to this morning!!!

I have been wishing for snow after our yucky brown Christmas. Yay for pretty white stuff covering the muddy ground :o)

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Rob and Amy said...

Oh girl, I completely hear you on the thunderstorm of craziness pouring down right around wedding time. Rob and I got married October 11th, and were engaged for 14 months, too! How crazy!! We got engaged on August 17th, so you much have been the weekend after!!

Anyway, we got engaged, moved into our home, I changed jobs, we got a new car, then got laid off 2 months before the wedding, found a job 4 weeks before the wedding, got married, got laid off again 3 weeks after the wedding....I was like "aren't we supposed to be in some newlywed stage!!!"

I'm so ready to just be "we" as well =) Congratulations on your marriage!!

And on another ironic note...we have a schnauzer who was being awfully quiet this morning while I was sleeping and my husband was in the living room. Well I got up and came out into the LR, and he heads into our room to take a shower and walks out and says "I realize now why Sadie was being so quiet..come take a look".... well I walk into our closet and she had pulled one of my "older" purses out from my hiding spot for them, and there was so leftover gum I forgot to take out. Yep..she had mutilated about 7 pieces of Orbit gum. Argh!!!!!! (but the closet smelled nice :) )