Monday, December 8, 2008

Light Show

I should have taken one like this on Saturday night when there was a pretty blanket of snow... but this will have to do for now. There isn't a lot of room to stand out front without being in the road so I couldn't get much more in the frame. Looks pretty cozy to me!

p.s: Don't mind the power cord hanging between the window and the porch. It will be gone next year after some boys run the wires for an outdoor outlet :o)

And a few not me's!

I definitely did not put only half of butter needed in the cookie dough and then wonder why it was so dry.

I also didn't wash one white sock with our bedsheets, which happen to be red.

Nor did I spend all of Sunday in my pajamas only to take a shower at 5:00, change into another pair of pajamas and put running pants on over top my pajamas to take back the movie we rented and get donuts at 7:00 at night.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Now, think of how much healthier your cookies were because you left some butter out! Sounds like my kind of baking! I always forget something. Cute lights...

Melissa said...

haha did we really leave out half the butter?
haha that made me giggle