Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Round 2

Sunday we drove to Avon Lake. (We didn't make the two hour journey in less than 90 min. No not us. My dear husband never drives over the speed limit)

It was super festive up there with the 4 trees they had decorated!

The traditional holiday shot of the "kids" (Who are all over 21 at this point).

Monday we (and by "we" I mean Richie) iced all of the cookies we made almost 2 weeks ago. They turned out really nice. I got to put the sprinkles on which was perfect for me. Nothing too technical for me in the kitchen.

And Bevo watched and waited for us to drop things on the floor. Of course no one gave him any cookies. He never gets people food and we would never even think of giving him a taste. Nope, not us!

And one more "not-me" ... even though it's Tuesday...

There was no way that I would have been left alone in the aisle at Walmart this week by my dear husband who did not disappear the second we ran into a co-worker who we would never think of referring to with the word "crazy" before their name. We would never abandon eachother like that!


Lindsley said...

nice not me...about Walmart! I'm a HUGE jodi picoult fan too...am reading Mercy now...we just started only 1 hr of TV per day at our house...including after the kid is in bed...so maybe I'll read more now...or just waste a lot of time blogging:)

Melissa said...

are you talking about "crazy" that I think you are talking about?