Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Fun Day

I was asked to take some pictures for the family fun day at Pegasus Farm. Of course I agreed, not knowing that Richie and I would both have a cold when the day finally arrived but we headed up to Hartville anyway.

My assignment wasn't very exciting (take pictures of the sponsor signs so we can send them with the thank you notes) so I won't post any pictures of that but we did happen to run into almost the whole Davis side of the family while we were there and they are always willing to let me snap their photo.

Bryce, sporting the ever popular John Deere cammo. I swear this kid is always wearing John Deere something.

Emma (or Ila, I can't tell them apart) rockin the shades.

What day at the farm would be complete without pig races?!?! This picture was way harder to get than it looks. We had to sit through 3 races for me to get a good one, dang piggies run fast!)

Speed pitch. You would think I could throw harder than that after all the practice Richie and I had working the speed pitch booth last summer!


Melissa said...

do I have to learn you how to throw faster than that?
Looks kinda fun =]

Melissa said...

well thanks =]
I know I am dumb, I have been hanging out with Moose too much! It's starting ti rub off on me =p