Saturday, May 11, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 17


 Tuesday: We took the Girly for a check on her hip. They did an x-ray and the doctor was happy with what he saw. He said to keep her in the harness at night as long as we can. He said eventually she will learn how to work the velcro and that's when she can stop wearing it!

Wednesday: I have been taking pictures of our dinner for a while so I thought I should take a picture of the Girly's dinner too.  She eats pretty much whatever we do with a side of fruit and a sippy of milk.

 Thursday: Girls Night to see Taylor Swift at the Q. Handy got us some awesome seats and then stayed home with Gracie so Mama could have some fun.

 Friday: Visiting with Uncle Randy = learning about birds (it doesn't matter how old you are).

 Saturday: We finally made it to Cabella's. We were planning to go a few weeks ago but couldn't because Handy had to work. The Girly had a good time looking at all the animals, seeing them feed the fish and even got her own pink cammo hat.

 Monday: Apparently "help in the kitchen" means "throw tupperware all over the floor". We have given up re-organizing the drawer all the time.

 Tuesday: Sheet pan - palooza! Handy has been working late every other week so I have been attempting to make dinner. I haven't made anything that was too terrible yet. Thank goodness Pinterest has lots of easy recipes!

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