Sunday, May 19, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 19

 Tuesday: We always leave the washer open after we finish the laundry so it can dry. Apparently Gracie thinks Davis needs a bath since we found him hanging out waiting to be washed. I'm not so sure Bevo would be excited to see his buddy in the washer.

 Wednesday: We picked up some tomato seed kits on clearance at Tractor Supply. Handy planted them and they just started sprouting. Hopefully they grow fast... we want tomatoes before September!

 Thursday: I have been spending most of the last month with this book and flashcards. It has been a while since I got my Masters so I really needed to review before taking the Administration test. I finally took the test and I passed it! 

Friday: Someone's closet is ready for summer! Now I just need to get mine switched over.

 Saturday: The cutest couple at Prom 2013!

 Sunday: Happy Mother's Day!

Monday: We got a snack cup for the Girly so she can feed herself snacks without spilling them everywhere. She thinks that we got her the cup so she can feed one to herself and one to her brother. Bevo thinks it's a great idea.

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