Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Life: Week 45

Sunday: We had our first Thanksgiving / Christmas family dinner of the season. The meal was good and I had a great time playing Scatergories after dinner while the Girly took a nap.

 Monday: The Girly is 7 months old! 

Stats: 16-ish lbs (according to the bathroom scale) size 6 and 6-9 clothes and size 2 diaper. She is eating solid foods and likes squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears and apples. She still wakes up once during the night. Dr. A says the harness is working. She can sit by herself and likes to play with her stacking rings, remotes and empty bottles. She says ba-ba and da-da.

Tuesday: Shutterfly had a great deal on prints so I got 101 done for free. I hadn't printed any for Project Life since August! Now I just have to get caught up on journaling.

Wednesday: Auntie Kimmie came to visit. She was up north cleaning out her parents house and stopped by for dinner. The Girly liked having someone to hold her all night.

Wednesday: 5 hours of conferences = entirely too much time spent sitting at this desk. I'm not a fan of 13 hour days. I only had one conference but did get a lot of work done.

 Friday: The good part about conferences was having the day off on Friday to spend with this kid. She was happy to get up and hang out at home. Too bad she didn't sleep in, 6:15 am wake up call!

Saturday: Handy made me breakfast for dinner. French toast with blackberry cream cheese and sausage. So yummy!

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