Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project Life: Week 25

Sunday: Happy Father's Day! The Girly got Handy a tree but we haven't had enough rain so we aren't going to plant it until the fall.

Monday: Dear nearly 3 hour afternoon nap, I love you! You can come visit whenever you like. Love, the Lady

Tuesday: The Girly went swimming for the first time. She had fun but it made her sleepy.

Wednesday: Bevo really wanted Handy to throw a ball for him. He kept bringing them over and leaving them by the Man's side.

Thursday: The Girly is getting so big! She loves to sit propped up on the couch or in the chair. Sometimes she tips over but that doesn't seem to bother her much either.

Friday: We took a mini-trip to see how she does in the car. As long as we stopped every few hours for her to eat she did a great job. 

Saturday: We went to visit some cousins on our trip. They all have daughters so we ended up with 6 girls under the age of 8 in the same room!

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