Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Life: Week 24

Sunday: The Girly wore the first dress we ever bought her to church on Sunday. We went straight to the store after we found out she was a girl and bought the outfit she wore home from the hospital and this dress with the flowers.

Monday: Bevo had another visit with the vet. Handy made to appointment before he knew he had to work 12 hours. Thank goodness the Dr. Pepper Queen came to stay with the Girl so I could take him. I would have had my hands full with both of them. 

Tuesday: Someone was too cool to sleep on Monday... she was awake for almost 13 hours straight. Apparently she had to make up for that on Tuesday to the tune of 2 morning naps and another nap in the afternoon.

Wednesday: The Girly loves to drool. Our shirts almost always have wet spots after we hold her for awhile. If it's this bad now we are all going to end up wearing bibs when she starts teething.

Thursday: Happy Birthday Gram! The plan was to go out to lunch but someone had their fussy pants on so we ended up going through the drive-thru and eating at home.


Friday: Magical Mystery Mushroom pizza of the month + Handy's buy one, get one sodas = a really good dinner. 

Saturday: Happy Birthday Mimster! (I have to get a picture for Saturday. By the time we got there it was dark and I didn't take any pictures) 

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