Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week in Review

In the last week...

I started using this super cute bag I got for my birthday as a work tote. It's the prefect size for books / notebooks / folders. The plan for the year is "if it won't fit in the bag it doesn't come home". We will have to see how that goes.

Handy made shish-ka-bobs for supper on Tuesday. We had the fancy yellow tomatoes from Carol's garden. Not only did they look like they came from a magazine they were super tasty too. (Notice the three on the right with no mushrooms... those are mine.)

We took my 21st annual "first day of school photo". I think it would be funny to put them all in a book together.

I found out why it's a bad idea to let iced tea sit on my night stand for a few days. Nothing a little soda / water / vinegar can't take care of.

Bevo did what Bevo always does... sometimes I wish I was our dog!


Melissa said...

Ha no we didn't all wear blue on purpose... I thought it was kinda funny actually.. yeah my mom just said my dad's name then took the picture... I'm glad you think it looks cute, I hate it... Perhaps you should come see it sometime soon, maybe then I will feel better

Melissa said...

Yeah they belong to her, I was so excited I got to go see them, I wish I could have held them longer, there were a ton of people there though. They were a week old when I saw them though