Friday, August 21, 2009

Jungle Jim's

For the last road trip of the summer we decided to go to Jungle Jim's.

Never in my life have I ever seen a grocery store that was this big with so much stuff! There was food from all over the world (some normal, and some not so normal).

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the store so you can't see the Handy Man chasing Little Sister around with chicken feet or me hiding behind Handy while being grossed out by a whole pig head (eyes and snout included).

It's not a road trip without taking pictures in the car!

This is my almond poppy seed mini-bread. I was starving so I decided to start taking bites.

Handy got random kinds of animal (alligator, elk, buffalo) jerky.

Little Sister got candy with bugs in the middle.

The Dr. Pepper queen bought some Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce.

After spending 6 hours in the car and 3 and 1/2 hours in a grocery store we were home safe and sound!


Susie said...

I thought you liked the pigs feet floating in a jar and the baby piglets hanging from their back feet in the van. Remember NYC?

Melissa said...

Well sorry if this is a stupid question... What is T-3 and counting haha... I'm gonna try to put more pictures up but they are all going to be the same stuff because that's all I'm doing lately is packing. I packed my clothes that I don't wear so much right now, but I plan on wearing and I got upset and had to quit... I've been kinda emotional these past couple days... Idk.. =/

Melissa said...

Well at least someone is excited... I am but I'm scared.. I couldn't leave you here to collect dust haha... Besides I think you will match everything else in the room too. I'll put you on my desk beside my computer =p