Saturday, August 1, 2009

44 inches?

Yesterday we went to Sonic for lunch. Since it's still kind of new and far away we have only been there twice. I was super excited about what I was going to get for a drink (not that I had any clue what I wanted and changed my mind three times before I ordered) because they have lots of choices. Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper was the winner.

I got a combo meal and there was a free upgrade to a "route 44" drink... The girl asked if I wanted the bigger drink and I said sure. What I didn't realize is that the dang 44 ounce cup of soda (that I really don't drink all that often in the first place) would be bigger than my head!

After telling the Handy Man: "This is the biggest cup I've ever seen!" about a million times he started looking at me like I was nuts.

He was really looking at me like I was nuts when I made him take my picture with the cup so I could prove it was "as big as my head"!


Melissa said...

bahaha.... either thats a big cup or you have a small head... MY dad said put it next to RIchie's head and see what it looks like....

I couldn't send you that pic on your phone because you don't have picture messaging... I couldn't help it I was upset

April said...

boys just don't understand. (sigh)