Sunday, August 24, 2008

Supercross Sunday

Does your pastor deliver the Sunday message in a Fox racing jersey?

This guy does.

One more reason why I love First Christian.
One month to live. Check out the sermon series:

Ride on preacher-man


Melissa said...

wow sounds like fun to me =p

Melissa said...

I hope they let you take it in too =]
you would get some beast pictures with that beast camera of yours and your beast photographer skills =p

Melissa said...

OMG!!! yeah Moose is blowing up my phone lately telling me stupid stuff like I care or whatever... She just doesn't get it.. i have to a story to tell you about her, nothing extremely huge [well it kinda sorta is but it didn't involve me so its cool =o] umm yeah I asked my mom and she said she doesn't know what time we are leaving yet because my aunt blew them off the other night when I came and stayed at red door... I called and texted my aunt and uncle and they never responded, I will ask my mama right now to call my aunt today while I am at school and then I can let you know when I get home from that hell home.. and it's all good then I have something to type back about.. =p