Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miss A

Some pictures from around town.

Isn't Bevo such a cute addition to this one!


I think this one is my favorite...


Melissa said...

aww.. they turned out good =]
I kinda have a shirt like the one she has on in the first 2 pictures =] but I think you told me that

Kate said...

I didn't see your e-mail anywhere, so I'm just answering your motorcycle question here!

I know Jon's new bike is a Suzuki, but that's all I know! He just started riding a year ago, and I was SUPER against it. We had JUST had Mylo, and I certainly wasn't ready to be a SINGLE MOM if something happened to him! But I've gotten used to just makes him SO happy. And I must admit, this new bike is pretty cool. :)

Melissa said...

haha for real???
My entire family asked me why I waited until after my pictures to get my hair cut haha!!