Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly Update

Since it seems that I only update this darn thing once a week it might as well be done on Monday. Busy + Busy = no time to update blogs.

These are my final attempts at sports photography. I'm kinda sad the season is over. We were really getting used to going to games in the evening and I was actually getting good at setting my camera for action shots. I suppose I will have to find other things to take pictures of now. If the weather ever gets nice maybe I can work on my nature photography. Senior pics this summer too! I'm so excited, but kinda scared too. I don't really take pictures for anyone but myself so if they don't turn out I'm the only one disappointed... I don't want to be the one to ask for a "retake".

I hope I have some house pictures to post soon (keeping my fingers crossed).

The computer is being slow so I will upload pictures later... WARNING: TONS OF PICTURES TO COME!!!

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