Saturday, March 8, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 9

Wednesday: The Girl has been playing with her horseys a lot lately. She asks to "see horseys" every day on the way home from Casey's house.

Thursday: We got the first part for teeny tiny's baby book. Hopefully his will be done before he's 18 months old like the Girl.

Friday: First set of hand-me-downs! Finally Handy's being the youngest in a big family is paying off!

Saturday: More things for the Dora party! Gracie says "Ella's birthday happy!" every time she sees something for her party.


Sunday: Somebody thought they were a big shot pushing their own cart at Kishman's. Good thing we only needed a few items.

 Monday: The paper cutter from work makes getting invitations cut down much easier than using kitchen scissors. Of course the Girly had to help.

Tuesday: I wouldn't mind getting paid in these all the time!

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