Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 10

Wednesday: Gracie is 23 months old! 

Stats: 26 lbs, Size 24 month / 2t clothes, size 5/6 shoes, size 4 diaper

Favorites: Dora, fishy crackers, going to Casey's, coloring, building block towers, putting on her own shoes and coat.

 Thursday: We have started eating dinner at the table as a family. Ella gets excited to sit in her "big girl chair" and eat at the table.

 Friday: Un-supervised almost 2 year old = whole box of wipes outside of the box.

 Saturday: Cuddle time with Dada.

Sunday: Holy laundry! Plans for the day: watch the race, run the washer and dryer.

Monday: We finally got our new steel roof. It looks awesome!

Tuesday: Dada is working afternoons so Gracie hasn't seen him. She colored him a picture to leave on the counter.

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