Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 4

Wednesday: Gracie likes to share our dessert after dinner. She says "bite of daddy's" then ""bite of mommy's" until we tell her no more.

 Thursday: Handy was working on a craft on the floor so of course he needed a helper.

Friday: Ella is obsessed with chapstick. I thought we had it all picked up but she found these in my nightstand and opened them. When I found her and asked what she was doing she said "uh-oh".

 Saturday: Got snow? We do!

Sunday: Fun in the snow! Gracie loved being pulled around in her sled and cried when we went inside. We couldn't make a snow man but did make snow ice cream.

 Monday: Punky must have thought the girl's play tent was a new pup tent for him. He went in and decided to lay down.

Tuesday: Yikes! I thought it was cold a few weeks ago. Wind chill was -24.

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