Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 3

Wednesday: Coloring has become a daily activity around here. We got out the color wonder pages for the first time. Gracie thought she was a big deal using markers.

Thursday: The Project Life binder for 2014 is ready to go! It took me longer to set it up because I only had nap times to work with. Little hands like colored cards.

 Friday: The Big Girl wanted to be a helper at the store packing groceries.

Saturday: We went to Johnny's Bakery for donuts. This Elmo cookie had to come home with us.

Sunday: Happy Birthday Pappy!

 Monday: We went to visit baby Brennan. Ella was very gentle with him and had fun playing with all of Arya's puppy toys.

Tuesday: Another snow day = making banana bread muffins. Someone likes to watch things bake.

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