Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 3

 Tuesday: I'm knitting again! Thank goodness these scarves knit up quickly. Everybody I show them to either wants me to make them one or for me to show them how to make them.

Wednesday: Grilled PB and J for dinner! These sandwiches are one of my favorites. They always make me feel like a little kid again. 

Thursday: I had conferences until 8:30 so Handy had to take the daily picture. He snapped this one of the Girly playing with my camera bag. She has just recently learned how to get her body through the strap.

 Friday: Look who is standing on their own two feet! Exactly 1 month to the day she got out of the harness and she is already pulling up on to her feet. Yay Girly!

We took the Girl back to the doctor today. She was still coughing and was still not eating a lot. Dr. N says she has two ear infections. She is on her first antibiotic but doesn't seem to mind taking it. We go back in a month to have her ears checked again.

 Saturday: Happy Birthday Pappy!

 Sunday: Nana got the Girly this hat to cover up her ears in the cold. She looks pretty cute. She now has a hat wardrobe (4 and counting...)

Monday: Since the Peanut started pulling up on things we decided to get her some shoes. There weren't many choices and they even had to look in the back room to find these ones. Apparently size 3 is pretty popular... and very teeny tiny.

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