Saturday, January 19, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 2

Tuesday: We finally got the Girly's new harness. This one is a little more restrictive than the Pavlik but she only has to wear it at night. We go back to Dr. A for another x-ray in April.

Wednesday: Someone is quickly becoming a pro at emptying their toy box. She pulls things out as fast as we can put them back in. I thought about leaving them all over the floor but half of the fun for her is getting them out of the box.

Thursday: The Girl has her first cold. We took her to the pediatrician for her 9 month well-check and he says it's just viral but she is still stuffed up and coughing a lot. We don't know if she picked it up from one of us or at the sitters. 

 Friday: Handy might need to be nominated for Husband of the Year... He came home with my favorite pizza! We could have eaten the whole thing but I put it in the fridge so we would have leftovers for lunch.

 Saturday: Happy 18th Birthday Kayla! We all got together for dinner at Papa Bear's. I hadn't eaten there in forever (like junior year of high school - forever) and it was better than I remembered. Handy had an Italian sub and I had linguini with clam sauce. The girl had sweet potatoes and puffs.

 Sunday: It was actually warm enough to open our windows in January! It was so nice to air the house out. Hopefully the fresh air will help us get rid of our sickness.

 Monday: Sweet Cheeks has been spending lots of time with Grams. She watched her all last week because the sitters kids were sick and came back today because our girl still had a fever.

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