Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life: Week 28

Sunday: We were on our own since the rest of the family took a trip to NYC. We had a terrible time finding a pizza place that was open but it ended up being worth the trouble. We got the best thin crust pizza from the coolest little pizza place. It was like a real-life Dancing Zorbas!

Monday: We went up to the lodge after dinner. We were able to check out the view and even see what a room there looked like... There was a Keurig in each room!

Tuesday: We took a trip to the race track. When Nanny told us where the house was the first thing Handy said was that we had to visit the track. This is Grandma in victory lane with all of the great-grand kids that were on the trip.

Wednesday: I rode in the back seat with the Girly on the way home. She slept the first half of the trip and we played with Dolly during the second half... She cried the last 45 min.

Thursday: The Davis' are multiplying! Bevo's 3rd Davis showed up while we were on vacation. The pooch was super confused when I put them all on the floor.

Friday: Sometimes you just have days like this. Friday was one of those days.

Saturday: Nana put the Girly's hair up in piggy tails. She looked even cuter than usual but her porcupine hair still stuck up in the back.

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