Monday, September 19, 2011

365 - Week 36

365 days = 365 photos

Saturday - We went to watch Zach play soccer. He did a pretty good job but was tired by the end of the second game.

Sunday - Lari was less than impressed with the Browns... They seem to like to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on a regular basis.

Monday - That would be the washer behind the door jamb... Whoo hoo! Now we can open the door all the way.

Tuesday - If anyone has seen the cleaning fairy will you please send her our way? Thanks.

Wednesday - When there's nothing interesting going on... take a picture of Bevo!

Thursday - Handy decided to trade his screwdriver for a spatula. The cookies were great.

Friday - We bought 2 bushels of apples at the orchard. Next time you see these they will be applesauce.

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