Saturday, September 10, 2011

365 - Week 35

365 days = 365 photos

Saturday - The diary bar is always our first stop when we get to the fair. We love their milkshakes.

Sunday - Dinner by the pond.

Monday - Lari had fun swimming. She got the bumper a few times but wasn't too sure about jumping off the end of the dock.

Tuesday - It's candy corn season!!! I was so excited to see this in the stores. I love to mix it with peanuts. It tastes just like a pay day bar.

Wednesday - I wore my new shoes to work for the first time... They looked good but I was glad I took my old ones just in case. By 6th period my toes were killing me.

Thursday - See ya Sallie Mae! I only have one more undergrad loan to pay off.

Friday - They're at it again. Hopefully this time we will be able to open the door without hitting the dryer.

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