Saturday, August 27, 2011

365 - Week 33

365 days = 365 photos

(Blogger doesn't like my pictures this week and keeps desaturating the color... They looked way better on my computer than they do here... grrr.)

Saturday - One of Handy's co-workers brought him some tomatoes so we used them to make homemade salsa in the food processor. It's spicy but good.

Sunday - The first apples of the season! These are paula reds. They are pretty crisp and tart. I'm super excited for apples this fall. I'm going to make apple pie, apple tart, apple crisp, apple sauce...

Monday - This is what happens when Handy decides to order enough food for a family... it was a chicken feast. Thank goodness he made it last for 2 meals. I thought I was going to come home and find him in a potato induced coma.

Tuesday - My mum is looking great on the porch. Since it's a garden mum I'm hoping I can plant it in the back yard and it will survive.

Wednesday - Bevo wanted me to take his picture. He's always so happy.

Thursday - The staples are out! Handy's dome looks so much better this week than it did last week.

Friday - These flowers are the ones we planted in our porch boxes last summer. I thought I pulled them out by the roots last fall but apparently they are resilient and survived all winter in the garage to bloom again this summer. I guess they weren't lying when they named them proven winners.

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