Monday, August 15, 2011

365 - Week 31

365 day = 365 photos

Saturday - The birds love our sunflowers. Handy took this picture of them eating the seeds from a bloom we had cut down.

Sunday - Community service day = a ton of work at the stadium. It looked great when we got done.

Monday - Dear neighbor man, Trash goes in a trash can... not on the curb. Thanks to you we have huge crows looking for food... ewwwwww.

Tuesday - The boys have a new project to work on... a patio set. It should be easy for Handy.

Wednesday - Klondikes were on sale for $1.99... we have 3 boxes in our freezer,

Thursday - Mississippi Mud Brownies... not as chocolate-y as I thought they would be but Handy really likes them.

Friday - Brrrrrrrr... I don't want to see temps in the 40's until October.

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