Saturday, April 23, 2011

365 - Week 16

365 days = 365 photos

Saturday - The collection is growing. We added boots and foam shades which meant we had to get a tote to store it all in. The bright yellow office was being overtaken by black leather.

Sunday - The seeds are growing!!! I was super doubtful when they were planted but by some miracle they decided to grow. Now the challenge will be to keep them alive long enough to go in the garden... if it ever gets warm enough.

Monday - Spring break + Nice weather = Let's go outside. Bevo was happy to spend lots of time exploring the yard.

Tuesday - We had a birthday party for Sarah at small group. It ended up just being only 3 of us but it was the perfect excuse for some Litty's cake. Yummmmmm!

Wednesday - We took a trip to see baby Andrew. There have been lots of boys added to our family lately... I think it's time for some girls.

Thursday - We replaced those video rockers with this much nicer rocking chair. Now we just have to pick some fabric to re-upholster it with.

Friday - Easter weekend = hard boiled eggs. We didn't plan on cooking eggs but we needed to buy some anyway and I was hungry for egg salad. I thought about coloring them but the Handy Man didn't think that was a great idea.

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Melissa said...

just to let you know, my blog is back up and running, incase you were wondering. =]