Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 - Week 14

365 days = 365 photos

Saturday - We saw the new NewPointe sign that was put up earlier in the week. It's so exciting to see this new campus finally have a permanent site.

Sunday - Quiet day at home with my favorite boys.

Monday - Hot water + dog = ouchy toes and never a dull moment.

Tuesday - BLT's for dinner... so yummy. The bacon smell hanging around for 2 days... not so great.

Wednesday - Mid-week trip to the Cheese for oatmeal and bread flour ended with a trip to the ice cream counter. Cookies and cream for Handy, Cherry vanilla custard for me.

Thursday - We moved around the back room. The pup box was making a dent in the carpet after 3 years of being in the same place. The video game chairs will be replaced with a rocking chair and the blue sofa is going to be swapped out for a futon as soon as we get a cushion.

Friday - I requested this book back in February and it finally came in at the Library. I'm super excited to read it. I'm usually not a non-fiction fan but I have heard great things about this book.

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